​Have you ever wondered how the weatherman can stand in front of a moving map and point to the cold front that's heading your way?  They use "green screen" technology which allows them to put any image they want in the background just like magic!

We offer the same technology for your event but instead of playing weatherman you can pose with a group of friends in front of our green screen and we can magically replace the green with just about any background you desire.  We can even print off the photos instantly so they can take a copy with them.

Start imagining what you'd like to have your guests superimpose themselves on.  Our creative staff can always make suggestions after finding out a little about the event.

Smart Placement technology lets your guest select their own background and automatically places them in the correct spot... every time.

Design custom photo or video graphics

Branded graphic overlays and backgrounds

Variety of selectable green screens

High Energy Staff

Instant on-site printing, social media sharing, data capture, and more

green screen